X-press Transcription, Incorporated was founded in 1992, and is a mid-to-large-sized transcription service (with a large-scale resource pool of over 400 transcriptionists working in every time zone throughout the country). Progressive nationwide expansion formally began on January 1, 2003. Current technology allows us to connect directly to medical center networks throughout the country via HIPAA-compliant, secure Internet connections or independent organizational network servers. X-press Transcription employs only the very best and most reliable medical transcriptionists, carefully selected for their superior expertise in all modalities of radiology, including the most sophisticated CT, MRI and interventional procedures, and subspecialty areas such as ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and nuclear cardiology.



Our management team is actively involved in the daily operations of our company, which ensures that our clients receive virtually "no maintenance" transcription service. This formula of unparalleled technical quality and proactive management has contributed significantly to the time-proven measures of success we have achieved in providing service to high volume radiology departments. Our supervisors are friendly, responsive and always accessible, and each client account is custom-tailored to meet specific departmental needs and objectives. Over the years, our unwavering commitment to excellence has earned us a strong and loyal clientele.



Production-based transcription offers self-adjusting cost controls (volume-contingent), and yields guaranteed results and accountability. The reliability of X-press Transcription provides a comfort level through earned client confidence, in which there is absolutely no doubt that reports will be completed quickly and correctly, period — in effect, transcription will become an efficient, virtually transparent “nonentity” in your daily operational routine.

If employee displacement is a concern, we will gladly hire your qualified transcriptionists at your request, allowing you to effectively "trim the fat" from your cost-center budget (added costs of providing benefits, paying overtime or incentive pay to keep up with the workload, and money spent paying some hourly, nonproductive employees). With departments facing mission-critical shortages of FTEs, outsourcing to X-press Transcription creates and maintains sound operational and fiscal integrity, and truly provides a “win-win” situation for all!

“Keeping it Close To Home; No Utilization of Offshore Foreign MT Labor!"

All transcription is performed by highly-experienced domestic residents of the United States

The ONLY Nationwide Company Specializing Exclusively in RADIOLOGY TRANSCRIPTION!
X-press Transcription is a longstanding corporate member of the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT)

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