Vendors such as transcription companies providing adjunct services to “Covered Entities” (hospitals and health care providers) are classified as “Business Associates.” All methods of connectivity and data exchange are in total compliance with the standards of published HIPAA regulations established for Business Associates. See HIPAA statute for “Business Associates” [45 CFR §§ 160.103, 164.502(e), 164.514(e)]. This document is provided in its entirety within our standard marketing literature package, or to hospitals and health care providers via e-mail upon request.



All data transmission and exchange is accomplished through a variety of highly-secure 3DES encrypted VPN tunnels, such as Cisco Systems, SonicWALL, WatchGuard, Windows 2000 and Check Point's SecuRemote VPN Clients, among many others.



It is our standard practice to sign a “Business Associates Agreement,” drafted by a corporate legal team representing hospitals in the health care industry, as part of every Service Agreement we enter into. Specifically, this agreement provides an umbrella of protection for our clients.


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