X-press Transcription offers what no other large service can: singular specialization in the area of radiology and a multitude of customized, client-specific options.

X-press Transcription employs only the very best medical transcriptionists, carefully selected for their superior expertise in all modalities of radiology, including the most sophisticated CT, MRI and interventional procedures, and subspecialty areas such as ultrasound and nuclear medicine.

As a potential outsourcing option, we understand the unique needs in a diagnostic radiology environment, and can provide the stellar level of service required to fulfill the ever-increasing demands associated with department transcription operations. Specifically, the rapid turnaround of quality transcribed reports. After all, the report is the end-of-the-line, final “product” reflecting the cumulative efforts of your staff and broad scope of operations within the entire department. The heightened expectations of referring physicians with regards to quick report availability has placed providers of patient care into a highly competitive market, particularly in the outpatient sector. X-press Transcription guarantees highly qualified radiology transcriptionists and report turnaround time, at a low rate that equates to an unparalleled “return on investment.” To this end, utilization of our company for radiology transcription creates a synergistic business relationship that truly fits hand-in-glove, and makes the achievement of your operational and fiscal goals a reality.

We would welcome an opportunity to work with you and your staff to assemble a “total transcription solution” (TTS™) package. This service package includes the fine-tuning of your current system architecture to streamline transcription operations — from initial dictation to “end-of-the-line” report transcription and distribution. We would offer this service with a great sensitivity and emphasis on reducing your overall costs, without sacrificing quality. Our company offers scalable services to meet the needs of our clients, from small outpatient clinics to large university-affiliated teaching hospitals.

X-press Transcription can customize an operational blueprint that is an ideal fit for your department — one which offers a turn-key solution for exceptionally-efficient outsourced transcription, whether on an as-needed, scheduled supplemental or full-service basis.

In summary, X-press Transcription offers guaranteed technical solutions and options, high quality, specialized service and swift report turnaround, resulting in superior patient care, very satisfied referring physicians, and faster reimbursement to your department through accelerated billing capabilities!




Coverage seven days per week, including holidays. Flexible availability to ensure consistently smooth transcription operations and reliable turnaround time.

Rapid report turnaround. Turnaround typically within one-to-four hours for most acute care hospitals, with our standard contractual maximum being only 12 hours, unlike the transcription industry standard of 24 hours.

Real-time report transcription. Reports are transcribed directly into your proprietary HCIS/RIS transcription application; the minute a report is transcribed, your radiologists can sign it off for immediate processing and distribution. For detailed information about your particular proprietary HCIS/RIS transcription application and/or digital dictation system interface, please see Technical Info (all supported transcription applications are listed by name).

Designated client transcription teams. A specific group of transcriptionists will be trained and assigned exclusively to your account. This allows our transcriptionists to master every preference and nuance of your radiologists, as opposed to the “revolving door” dictation distribution that is common practice with nearly all transcription services.

Administrative transcription. Transcription of department-related letters and memorandums is available as a convenient, value-added service.

No phone charges for remote transcription. There are no longer any phone charges associated with remote transcription that would be passed along to the hospital.

Digital dictation system availability (24/7). Client may utilize a brand new, state-of-the-art digital dictation system owned and maintained by X-press Transcription for report dictation and voice file access on a regular basis or as a backup contingency resource. Clients may use specialized terminal emulation software, located at your fingertips as a desktop icon, to access our digital dictation system remotely through a secure, password-authenticated connection. This allows our clients to actually view specific dictation management reports and turnaround time data associated with their account, just as if the system were geographically located on-site within their own hospital or department!

Why justify a huge financial outlay for capital equipment that depreciates in value, when your department can utilize the significant savings for so many more productive resources, such as technical labor and imaging equipment which generates department revenue?

For more detailed technical information and specifications, please see Technical Info.



“Keeping it Close To Home; No Utilization of Offshore Foreign MT Labor!"

All transcription is performed by highly-experienced domestic residents of the United States

The ONLY Nationwide Company Specializing Exclusively in RADIOLOGY TRANSCRIPTION!
X-press Transcription is a longstanding corporate member of the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT)

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