Real-time report transcription. Reports are transcribed directly into your own hospital-based proprietary HCIS/RIS transcription application via a secure Internet connection. Applications most often supported are: ADAC MARS, AHWebTranscribe, Cerner Classic and Millenium versions, CCA CyberRad, Dictaphone PowerScribe, HBOC Express and STAR versions, IDXRAD, Meditech Magic and Client/Server platforms, QuadRIS, RTAS iSeries, SMS/RMS, and even the specialized MRS mammography radiology system, among others). We can successfully interface with ANY existing proprietary transcription application, as well as PACS systems such as IDX, Kodak, Philips, Siemens, et cetera.

No phone charges for remote transcription. Our MTs can remotely access voice (report dictation) files from any proprietary digital dictation system (Dictaphone, DVI, Lanier, et cetera). We can interface with older, traditional analog systems to the latest, Internet-based versions, such as Dictaphone TransNet and PowerScribe, DVI VoiceWave and Lanier DXT applications.

Digital dictation system availability (24/7). Client may utilize a brand new, state-of-the-art, Internet-based digital dictation system owned and maintained by X-press Transcription for report dictation and voice file access on a regular basis or as a backup contingency resource. Clients may access our digital dictation system remotely through a secure, password-authenticated connection; this allows our clients to actually view specific dictation management reports and turnaround time data associated with their account, just as if the system were geographically located on-site within their own hospital or department!

Robust remote interface capabilities. We can remotely interface with any existing proprietary analog- or Internet-based digital dictation voice system located on hospital premises. Additionally, we can interface with ANY proprietary HCIS/RIS transcription application, as listed above. We can also interface with any of the proprietary, “cross-communicating” transcription text applications that may be operating in conjunction with your digital dictation system (for example, proprietary transcription software modules which interface with, and extract exam data from, digital dictation systems to populate report demographic information, such as the Dictaphone Enterprise Express TextSystem, Lanier Cquence text interface platform, and all others).

Skilled technical support (24/7). We have a full-time Senior Systems Administrator (MSCE, CCNA, CCA) and support staff, so you can be assured that skilled technical support is available on our end on a 24/7 basis.

Latest Technological Advances. We utilize the newest, most up-to-date technology available today. X-press Transcription is constantly at the forefront of the technological age with its services. By implementing VPN tunnels from such leading manufacturers as Cisco Systems and Check Point Software Technologies, X-press provides an end-to-end Internet security architecture that CONNECTS and PROTECTS your employees, offices, and confidential patient data. We also provide the latest in thin client solutions by implementing Terminal Services and Citrix Metaframe for remote connectivity to your current in-house applications and servers, when necessary. Finally, we can interface with any and all platforms such as Windows, UNIX, Novell Netware, LINUX, and VAX/VMS. At X-press Transcription, we will implement a system that not only meets all of your needs, but exceeds your highest expectations.

Remote access capabilities for your radiologists to review and sign-off reports from their home PCs! Our clients love this feature! We offer the support of our technical staff to coordinate this value-added service.


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